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This Privacy Policy defines the legal framework under which user information is collected, secured and stored by CONTENTCRAFT having its registered office at 603, 6TH FLOOR, SURYA KIRAN BUILDING, BARAKHAMBA ROAD, CONNAUGHT PLACE, NEW DELHI, 110001, under the various provisions of relevant laws of India. We have also taken guidance from European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other US federal laws of data protection. This Privacy Policy defines the scope of the information collected, secured and stored by us and its use by this website, apps, mobile content service and our legitimate business partners. This Privacy Policy is part of the overall Terms and Conditions of use of the website and it gives us your consent to use information collected by this website, app or the mobile content service to fulfil the obligations and deliver the quality of service as per acceptable standards. This Privacy Policy also sets the limits of the use of personal user information with our business partners and advertisers for addressing genuine business needs.

    • Information is defined as any data that is:
      • Supplied by the users of the services offered by the company.
      • Data collected through tracking during navigation of the website, app and mobile content delivery platform
      • Data collected through registration on the website, app and mobile content delivery platform
      • Data collected from other sources, including third-party sources and services.

      The primary purpose of information collection is to improve user experience and better delivery of content. This information includes, but not limited to, personal details provided by the users of our services such as name, contact number, email, age, gender, sexual orientation, professional details including place of work, designation, type of work and place of residence at the time of registration on the website, app or mobile content delivery service. Information supplied by users includes name/pseudonym under which a particular user has made comments on any articles or video; participated in a forum discussion or message board.

      Information will be also retrieved if any user chooses his/her Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc user ids to log into our services. The Intellectual Property (IP) owners of this website might, but not always, use the information supplied by you to provide information, sales and marketing offers, other offers and promotions through various means, including email. You reserve the right under this Privacy Policy to instruct us to stop the delivery by using your personal information of special offers and promotions at any time.

    • Paid Service and subscription data When you chose to make payment to ContentCraft using a credit/debit card, payment gateway, net banking or any other electronic payment system, the information might be collected by the aforementioned payment system such as your purchase, address or billing information, including your credit card number and expiration date. Usually, the payment processing gateway collects the information for user verification or updating user information. We do not process or store such information, except in cases stated otherwise. The user reserves the right to update, auto-renew or cancel subscription or donation.
    • Third-party information provided by the user In case any user provides any third-party personal information, we will assume that you have the permission/authorization/consent to provide such information to the concerned third party. It is also assumed that the user providing the third party information and the third party is aware of the Privacy Policy of the website/company. In case, where the third party brings to our notice unauthorized use of information, the liability rests with the concerned user. The company remains indemnified from any legal action in case the third party chooses to take legal recourse.
    • Information collected automatically during navigation When you use our website certain navigation information regarding your IP address and device information is collected automatically through various methods stated below.
      • Using Cookies and other Electronic Tools ContentCraft and the parties with whom we work (e.g., business partners, advertisers and advertising servers) may place, view, and/or use “cookies”, web server logs, web beacons, or mapping pixel/pixel tag or other electronic tools to collect statistical and other information about your use of the Website and other websites. This may include information about the IP address of your computer, browser type, language, operating system, your mobile device, geo-location data, the state or country from which you accessed the website, web pages visited, date and time of a visit, websites you visited immediately before and after visiting our website, the number of links you click within the website, the functions you use on the website, the databases you view and the searches you request on the website, the data you save on or download from the website and the number of times you view an advertisement. For more information, please see our Cookies Policy, which is part of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of the website.
      • Log File Information ContentCraft will automatically gather limited information about your computer’s connection to the Internet, mobile number, etc. when you visit the website. This information is about your browser, your operating system, IP address, CPU speed, and connection speed. In case you access the website from your mobile device, we might collect a unique device identifier, geolocation data, or other transactional information for that device.
      • Clear GIFs The website night also use embedded invisible GIFs to track emails sent to the website’s users to determine and measure traffic within the website for the purpose of improving content delivery service, functionality and interactivity. We might share this information with our advertisers for delivering relevant advertising content.
      • Information collected from any other source We might receive information about users from other sources, like our partners and our advertisers. This information will be treated as per this Privacy Policy and safeguards. If you have provided information to any of our partners, we might obtain it in order to update your contact information with us and fulfil the terms of content service better and you have given us your consent to do so.
    We use the information of users to our website for the following purposes to address our legitimate business needs:

    • To provide our users content services and their functionalities by us and our partners and advertisers.
    • To process and verify payments/subscriptions/donations for our services.
    • To authenticate users of paid and unpaid services to prevent misuse by imposters of personal information that they might have obtained from other sources.
    • To undertake statistical analysis and conduct research for enhancing our products and those offered by our partners and advertisers.
    • To customize our marketing and advertising activities with greater focus.
    • To prevent fraud or other potentially illegal activities and prevent others from carrying out illegal activity on our website by impersonating a genuine user.
    • To legally enforce our Terms of Service.
    Unless asked for specifically, you are not required to offer any sensitive personal information concerning your medical history, biometrics, unique identification number such as Aadhar card no, PAN Number, Driving Licence Number, Social Security Number, court proceeding etc.
    All personal information provided by you for the purpose of using this website will be kept securely and with limited access. We have put reasonably effective technical, personal and administrative measures to secure and safeguard user data against unauthorized/fraudulent use, theft, loss and unauthorized modification. Accesses to personal user data-id limited to only genuine business needs which we evaluate and calibrate periodically. We have also put in place policies and systems to detect any accidental data security breaches and initiate necessary legal and civil/criminal procedures. In case any such security breach comes to your notice, please notify us at
    In some cases, especially when we run polls, surveys and special contest, we might collect data that falls in the Special Category. This data could be your detailed personal information, biometric markers, facial recognition or voice samples, political opinions, sexual orientation, health etc. In such cases, the data will be collected with your express consent. The data so collected will be used for internal research, internal product development and analysis. All such data will be protected, secured and stored by using multiple-level technical and non-technical safeguards.
    In certain specific situations, we might require to transfer certain personal data to foreign countries, including the United States, which may have a different level of privacy protection. If you chose to submit information to this website, you have consented to such a transfer of information.
    • Access and updating your Information: should feel the need to update your personal data on this website, you can do so by yourself, if such a function is available, or you can write to us to do the same.
    • Asking us to correct mistakes in your information due to us: You are free to approach us for correcting any mistakes in your personal data that might have crept in.
    • Ask us to delete certain information in specific cases
    Will continue to hold your information securely until the time its deemed necessary to fulfil the terms of this Privacy Policy or for any period of time as required by the law.
    We do not collect any data on children below the age of 13. In the case of users below the age of 13, we strongly recommend parental supervision while using the website. Children between the age of 13 to 18 are also required to use and submit data, if required, under parental supervision. If by mistake, any user below the age of 18 has submitted personal data, the parents of such users can write to us at [info@[] for deleting such data from our database.
    We may sometimes use the collected data to personalise the services for better and targeted delivery. We might be using this information for customising our services, based on your browsing habits and browser use. In case you do not wish us to use such data and/or receive our product and service offerings based on your browsing habit, you can write to us at for removing your data from our database.
    ContentCrafts and Tatsat Foundation retains the right to update/modify/alter this privacy policy periodically in order to meet statutory legal requirements, to improve the safety and security of your personal data. You will be intimated by email or changes to this Privacy Policy will be prominently displayed on the website.
    For grievance redressal write to clearly stating your grievance in a brief note. We will try to resolve the stated grievance within a reasonable period of time.
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