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Innovation cell is an independent division of Contentcraft that focuses on bridging the gap between the investors and the emerging innovative and unique concepts and ideas. With the help of our wide network, we support our clients with an in-depth understanding of the diverse sectors to raise a capital for translating these unique ideas into a reality. We provide a 360° support to the investing companies at all stages, by following investment driven processes to get satisfactory returns.

It’s more than just the capital
We are a one stop platform for the originators of innovative business ideas that need funds for their rightful implementation. Through our research and due diligence, we back such bright Startups at every business stage of theirs. To achieve this, we are supported by a team of professionals, experts, and strategists with diverse experiences who strive hard to create win-win partnerships between the entrepreneurs and the investors.
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Our fundamental goal is to help our clients by focusing on maximizing the investor returns through a comprehensive business model, keeping in mind the required due diligence while selecting a project. Our balanced approach towards this model is mainly driven by identifying and managing risks, assessing damage, and mitigating the risk strategy.
Projects pioneered by the innovation cell

Soil 2 Home
This was the flagship project that was pioneered by the innovation cell. It involved forging multiple technology partnership for providing sanitation integrated, disaster resistant building technology solutions for cluster housing and public buildings.

Tatsat Foundation implemented this prestigious project in partnership with Prashak—a Delhi-based technology company and Asia Institute of Technology, which developed the patented technology.

This innovative technology enables the creation of state-of-the art, disaster resilient environment friendly, green and cost-effective building structures, using local materials and resources (unskilled manpower including women) with significantly lower use of cement and steel, resulting in low carbon footprint. Closed loop sanitation is integrated into the project that significantly reduces the chances of groundwater contamination.

This project laid the foundation of SMARTGRAMS or Smart Villages that directly impact the lives of millions of people living in the villages and rural India. The additional spinoff of this project was gender equality by ensuring the participation of women and financial inclusion through employment of the local workforce.

The award-winning Seedpaper project was conceived and implemented by Tatsat Foundation in partnership of the Andaman & Nicobar government. This unique innovation was developed by mixing seeds with paper pulp, which can be recycled by sowing the paper in the soil that regenerates into a plant or a tree.

The environmentally friendly Seedpaper is ideally suited for printing bills, single-use packets as a replacement for plastic, visiting cards, gift wraps, writing pads, notebook covers etc.

The project was implemented in the ecologically fragile tourism hotspot of Andaman & Nicobar as part of the “Go Green” that was initiated by Member of Parliament and Andaman and Nicobar Pradesh Congress President, Kuldeep Rai Sharma.

The 'Go Green' campaign invites businesses and not-for-profit organisations to invest in the growth and resilience of small businesses, as well as work directly in the grassroots development areas to achieve ecologically sustainable businesses in Andaman and Nicobar Islands that act as a powerful tool to generate awareness about climate change.
Proof of concept
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