CSR Advisory

Objectives of our CSR Advisory Services is to provide our client organisations with a clear pathway for building higher social equity. In today’s information and data-driven environment, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of socially important issues. They are supporting organisations, brands and products that are proactively engaging with causes that create a more equitable society.


Innovation Cell

Innovation cell is an independent division of Contentcraft that focuses on bridging the gap between the investors and the emerging innovative and unique concepts and ideas. With the help of our wide network, we support our clients with an in-depth understanding of the diverse sectors to raise a capital for translating these unique ideas into a reality. We provide a 360° support to the investing companies at all stages, by following investment driven processes to get satisfactory returns.

Brand Management

We work closely with our client organisations as brand custodians by making our Brand Management solutions accessible to them. Our solutions are scalable and flexible for making a brand globally acceptable without diluting its local relevance. We are equipped to develop new brands or relaunch existing brands in an organisation’s product portfolio in any market in India and globally by adopting a holistic approach. We undertake qualitative and quantitative research for measuring brand traction in different market segments and provide our clients with relevant data-driven information for enhancing brand image. We offer a full suite of communication support to execute the brand strategy across markets.


Corporate Affairs

The essence of our Corporate Affairs services is to provide thought leadership and build pathways to achieve the overarching corporate goals. We help in interfacing with governmentquasi-government and multilateral agencies for regulatory compliances as mandated by the law for implementing project initiatives. Our team of experts guide our clients through the complex web of paperwork that might be required to obtain statutory clearances. We work in conjunction with the finance department of our client organisations to develop investor relations strategies and equip them with specific communication tools.

Image Building & Reputation Management

Through our Image & Reputation Management services we help our clients to acquire the hard and soft resources and tools that protect and enhance perception of their productsservices and their business ethos. In fact, our social-sector management portfolio offers a holistic approach for improving the over image and reputation of organisations and brands. We believe that image building and reputation management practices need a holistic approach, comprising many smaller components, that need to work in a synchronised manner. We attempt to protect organisations, brands and initiatives by ringfencing them from disruptive forces. For us, this is a continuous exercise.


Crisis Management

DESPITE best of planning, a crisis can emerge from any quarter due to natural or man-made causes in today’s highly dynamic, information and data-led business environment. It has become imperative for organisations to be extremely nimble in their response to any emergent crisis that might be triggered by a melange of external or internal factors. But with the right tools, communication and messaging, organisations can quickly get on top of any evolving crisis.

CSR & Litigation Communication

ONE of the core strengths of ContentCraft is to provide CSR & Litigation Communication support. Our team of experienced communication experts, who specialise in various functional areas, help organisations to frame the most suitable and effective response for wide dissemination of correct information through traditional mass-media and new-age digital platforms.

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