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In the current business landscape in India, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is no longer just a mandatory compliance issue under Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013. Hence the question, that why do we need CSR Advisory? Well, A large number of domestic and global case studies and surveys reports provide irrefutable empirical evidence that CSR activities have a direct impact on a company’s balance sheet. It has been firmly established that organisations that have invested in robust CSR initiatives enjoy greater goodwill of their customers, which have a direct bearing on a company’s topline and bottom line.

Socially Responsible Brands

Global Reach

Our network of partners and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who have rich cross-functional experience in the international environment, help us develop best-in-the-industry practices that are hardwired into our project plans from the ideation stage. Their deep global knowledge and access to cutting-edge resources in areas such as processes, operations, technology, risk analysis, auditing, data mining and analytics etc are critical for engineering highly responsive and customised ecosystem for each individual project.

Our Approach

ContentCraft being India’s first CSR-centric consultancy has developed a unique approach for providing social-sector management solutions. Studying the needs of an organisation and mapping them with the overall social objectives that goes well beyond merely fulfilling compliance obligations is embedded in our strategic vision for developing customised CSR solutions that creates tangible and intangible values for the core business of organisations.

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Being India’s first CSR-focused consultancy, ContentCraft has built a unique niche for itself in this highly specialised space. Our services are available to all organisations working in the social management space: private sector, public sector, NGOs, multilateral agencies, societies and trusts etc.

Our Values

Partnership, Social Trust and Best Practices are the three cornerstones that guide our corporate governance philosophy. We believe that for delivering best results, organisations must practice what they preach. Therefore, for us establishing deep partnership with the client organisations, adopting or developing the best management practices and building social trust between all the stakeholders of a project absolutely critical for meeting the end objectives.

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Our Team

Founder Director DR. Sumi Gupta

She is the Founder of ContentCraft. She has over 20 years of global experience, specialising in Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Communication, Corporate Brand and Reputation Management. Dr. Sumi has worked with some of the biggest corporate houses in India and abroad such as Reliance Industries, Smithkline Beecham, WNS, and ESSAR, specialising in Global Steel, Oil & Gas, Power, Insurance & Finance, FMCG & Retail, IT Sector and Infrastructure. She is a Management Graduate from Symbiosis University, Pune. She completed her LLB from the University of Lucknow and M. Sc in International Banking & Financial Services from the University of Reading, UK.

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